Todd Mitchell

    @Patrick Lesser, good job here too.  I'm going to echo the same thing I've said to others that I don't think the low vocal double is tight enough to have so audible.  I think that should be tucked further back (or use something like Melodyne to sync it better).

    Great, powerful snare sound.

    I think you did some great stuff with the distorted guitars (although perhaps a touch too present?  - but at the expense of the strummy ambient guitars (especially in the verse).  That's fine if it was a decision.

    Same with the lead...maybe just a little too much 4k? As the solo fades out, it seems like you've ducked that frequency?

    Cool effect on the vocal at the end.

    Other than the ambient strumming guitars, I wonder if the kick drum might need a bit more oomph?

    But generally a really great job here!  Best of luck in the contest.


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