Todd Mitchell


    This is a great, up front mix.  Very much my style.  Vocals might need a touch of de-essing?  Maybe just a touch of hall tucked way back too? Maybe a touch more restriction on the dynamics?  Vocal rider or just tapping the vocals with a limiter?

    There is a lot of really present instrumentation.  I do wonder if you could use some dynamic EQ on the rhythm guitars to duck them at 2k-4k below the vocal?  Just give those vocals a hair more room but also to send the guitars back spatially a hair.

    Hmmm.  Really interesting as I listen.  I am thinking to myself, how might this sound with some sort of additional glue element on it?  Most everything is right in front, nice and distinct...but I can't help wonder if some tape emulation or a bit more master bus or summing...?  I don't know - I really like your mix - it might do nothing to improve it!  But if it was me, it would be something I'd be wanting to try.

    Great job!  Best of luck in the contest.  And thank you for your feedback on my mix!  I don't know that you're at all far off the mark.  I really thought you did a great job managing the lows and your subs and keeping the musical elements all available.