Todd Mitchell

    Hey Kishna, great job!  Very ambient feel.  Lots of cool choices.  I might not have made the same choices (well, I didn't) but that's okay!  That's what makes this great.  I only think the electric guitars are just a little too present for my liking.  I find that's the kind of thing that limits how loud you can turn up a mix.  When the guitars make your ears bleed, you won't turn the music up any more.  That 4k is the governor on the volume knob.  It also defines what you perceive to be closest to the listener.  Therefore, the guitars feel closer in space than the vocalist.  Interestingly, playing it back in mono, those huge, angry electric guitars almost disappear as they largely cancel each other out.   Coming out of the solo has a bit too much of a volume jump I think.  My only other constructive comment might be to add more automation to the drum volume might be useful?

    But I really enjoyed the mix and loved how you manipulated some of the parts!  Great job and good luck!