Chris Knowles

    Hey Serge,

    First off, a summary observation, this is levelled and balanced really nicely!! (made me a little jealous 🙂 )

    There were only a few things that I noticed: everything sounds a little dry except for the harmony vocals in the Primary Bridge which seemed really soft and then when you brought the verb up they were a little washed-out. I think I got what you were going for but it was a little confusing to me when contrasted with the lead vocals in the same part.

    The guitar solo is something I can't decide where I sit with - Henning made an interesting comment in his walkthrough about them hardly ever doing a guitar solo and he was a bit ambivalent about it - maybe make it more a tad more present and less wet?

    In my opinion, the drums do need some additional depth because they are fairly dry and sound a bit lifeless. The snare drum could benefit from some additional snare verb (Warren did a really cool video on this last week where he uses reverb on a muted snare sample to add some life to the snare hits) and the tom sounds become really dead outside of the intro and outro.

    The sound effect you use going into the Primary Bridge was an interesting choice versus using the RiseAndHit you use everywhere else. Not sure if I'm digging that but hey, this is just my opinion 🙂

    Well, that's it from beautiful Woodstock GA. Like I said, I really enjoyed listening to your mix (actually listened to it twice!)

    Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback!