Chris Knowles

    Okay PLAPpers 🙂 I think I am down to my final mix with two slightly different mastering models.  I am trying both TR5 Suite and Lurssen mastering plugins to see if I can find a really good groove with one or the other.  I really appreciate all the feedback from those who have provided it so far.

    I used the same base mix for both mastering models - since I couldn't keep the mastered integrated LUFS below -14 and the real peak below recommended levels, I mastered at a brickwalled peak db of -2 per Spotify's guidance as a target LUFS was hovering in the -13 range on both masters). The Lurssen doesn't seem quite as bright as the TR5 Suite but at this point, I am done with the raw mix and mastering. One of these will end up being my final submission but I am working on an actual remix just in case I hit something that gives me goosebumps 🙂

    Here are the two candidates 🙂

    Lurssen - https://soundcloud.com/chris-knowles-323595620/plap-mix-contest-clc-patiently-master-lurssen-final

    TR5 Suite - https://soundcloud.com/chris-knowles-323595620/plap-mix-contest-clc-patiently-master-tr5-suite-final

    Let me know which one you prefer and any other feedback you might have!

    Thanks again for all the feedback!!