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Sergio Sánchez

    Hi Andrew and thanks again to start this discussion. I am on the Facebook group, but I want to tell my idea of collaboration in YouTube also here. Just in case someone is interested.

    My idea is to make short videos about a topic between some of us. For example: We can do a video about something we have in our studios that can't live without. Everyones explain their thing and upload the videos to a cloud platform. Then, each of us present the video and put together all the parts. In this way, every video will be different. This is important for google.

    It would be an easy way to collaborate. We can push up our channels sharing content and knowledge. We have different channels, talking about different things, so maybe is not going to be easy to collaborate in all videos, but we can do it in channels that talk about things we know. I am more an engineer than a producer, so I will talk more about recording and mixing stuff.

    If anyone has other ideas, I would try to help if I can.

    See you!