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Sandro Stahl

    hello produce like a pro-team, hello academy-members,

    my name is sandro, i am based in germany and i´m a lifetime member since yesterday.

    i´m 50 years old and my hole life i was making music. i was playing drums and a bit guitar and my first paid gig i had at the age of 12.

    about 3 years ago i was getting sik, so i can not play myself any instrument. after a while sitting in the corner i got intersted in mixing

    and bought cheap equipment just to give it a try. and i loved it from the first minute on.

    since that time i am building up my equipment and my bedroom-studio and mix just for fun.

    a short time i was thinking i can make an income with mixing, but my sik body can not handle this day by day.

    i´m at least 6 times a year in the hospital, sometimes one or two days, but sometimes also 5 weeks and more.

    so, as long as i can mix songs for myself, i will do it. just for fun.

    the genres i like are rock, rock and rock´n roll (i´m an old man!).

    sometimes i can also deal with punk, metal, pop or reggae.

    stay healthy dear community!