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    Hi all

    I will be recording a 4 piece band live soon old school 50's style Chicago blues  and was wondering what you think of  my approach and can you suggest alternatives  okay  the live room is not that big 7mts X 5mts drums will be 3/4's the way down room  in front of that I am using  some acoustic panels  in L shapes  to create some isolation for bass and  guitar just forward of drumkit i was going to use a Akg D112 on kick off the head to give it a little air  (kick is double headed with no hole and just a small felt damper front and back) I was going to use either 2 akg C214's for overheads or a couple of OPR Rocket  ribbon mics which have an old vintage sound to them for overheads on the bass cab another akg D112  and for guitar  I was going to use a SM 57  but was also thinking of trying putting a Royer R-10 next to it as well  and to finish off putting 2 mesanovic ribbon mics down end of room for room mics to capture some air  and roomy sounds

    I have many other mics to use but was looking for your thoughts on  this  setup or if you have any experience in live recording in small rooms  any suggestions would be helpful as this will be my first live band recording in my room as I usually record each instrument separate