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Javier Alejandro Llamas

    I think the worse part of this impact would be taken by the live music industry, along with the musicians, and just behind them, the rest of the industry, including Studios and everything else. Why? Well, because i think the musicians themselves would take most of the impact without concerts (and there won't be much money or interest to pay for serious recordings, that's my guess).

    I have read an article about how the coronavirus is affecting Abbey Road Studios, really interesting.

    I think the didactic sites, or teaching music, or home studio techniques, and stuff would be the way to go, but it's also uncertain. I really think that, in order to helpĀ  the artist, YouTube should be in the need to change some things in their policies in order to allow the small artist could get a better monetizing of their music.

    The main problem is (and will be) the musicians: if they are already in trouble, is just a matter of time the rest of the industry would also be in serious troubles. They already said that the last thing to come back would be the music venues, even the small ones.

    It's gonna be really complicated, i'm out of ideas.