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Javier Alejandro Llamas

    Hi, I have 1 C414B-XLII (which basically is the same as the new one only 3db more sensitive) and a modern C414-XLS. I like both, but the XLS would be the workhorse of my choice. I use it for everything. My favorite along with the Shure KSM44. I don't find much difference between the XLII and the XLS, so I don't really know why there's a 100 bucks bump in the price tag. Just a few weeks ago i've used both in the following recording:

    XLS for the acoustic guitars and the voices with the XLII with the foam on, which in my opinion suits fine for that particular voice.

    I didn't try the C214 but i heard there's a lot of difference with the other two, and that's what i heard on some youtube reviews. It's just another thing (and i think that one in particular is electret, not true condenser)

    My suggestion would be the XLS