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face (chris) Janton

    Thanks for the X32/M32 comparisons. One of the "advantages" of the XR18 was mic-pres designed by Midas. The MR18 is the same box with "real" Midas pres in it. A lot of folks have said they really like the Midas pres, and I have had comment that the XR18 pres actually are very nice sounding. I find them more than adequate for live.

    The FX included in the XR18, X32, and M32 are all the same software. SHARC chips running the FX. More slots on the X32 (8) 4 "insert only" and 4 that can be used as bused effects. I have spent the last couple of days turning my XR18 into an outboard effects rack for my Mac 😉 8 mono channels of goodness.