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face (chris) Janton

    The UI on the X32 (and M32) isn't all that nice. If @Kristjan is using the X-Air Edit application to work with the XR18 then it's no problem at all using X32-Edit.

    The first time I got to use an M32 (never seen or touched one). I did a rough-draft of how I thought things should work with X-Air Edit (original plan was to use my XR18). I imported my XR18 scene into X32 Edit, read a bunch of documentation, and programmed the mixer with the editor application. Put the scene on a USB stick, loaded it up on the M32 and I was up and running in about 2 minutes.

    I *did* take advantage of earlier versions of the X32 Editor application (mimicked the user interface) to learn how to drive the physical device.

    If I ever put together a multi-room place it's going to be all CAT-6 and Dante 😉