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face (chris) Janton

    If you wanted to stay with "what you know" the X32 is a decent choice. X32 Rack will give you 16 XLR inputs plus 6 1/4" inputs. Add an SD16 stage box for the second room (it's the same size/shape as the XR18). The SD16 has 16 combo inputs, 8 outputs, AND 4 Ultranet output ports that will provide power for P16M personal mixers.

    There is new firmware for the X32 that removes the requirement of assigning inputs/outputs in blocks of 8, which has always been (for some tasks) a stumbling block.

    If you are using a computer to drive the XR18 with X-Air software then you're all set - the X32-Edit application is already what you need.

    32x32 USB I/O is the normal configuration for the computer.

    There are various 8, 16, and 32 input boxes that can be attached with CAT-6 so boxes can be up to 100 meters apart.