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Rich Zei

    @ Jared I have pretty much free reign as to what I can/will do as its a raw room at this point. It currently has a hardwood floor and sheet rock walls. I intend to purchase an 8x9 foot throw rug/carpet for the floor.

    @ Mark At this point the 'gear list' is:
    Computer w/24inch monitor
    18 space rack loaded with Carvin B1500 head/Mesa Boogie Walkabout head/2 SPX90 II's/1 REV 7/1 SDE 300/UPS
    Focusrite 2i2 interface
    Mesa Boogie Walkabout 1x12 cab
    Home built 2x12 gtr cab
    Studiomaster Classic Mixdown 8 24x8 console
    The usual 4 milk crates of cables and stuff and a couple of boom stands
    2 basses, 3 electric, 2 acoustic gtrs.
    The Mic locker is pretty sparse, 3 57's 1 RE-20, 1 58.

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