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    I've used Drumagog years ago and back then it was only an easy and straightforward "audio to midi" trigger plugin. You inserted it on an audio track, selected Drumagog as input on a midi channel, hit record and it puked out midi notes. A quick google search tells me that it now comes with a library of drumsamples and such. I don't know about the quality of these samples. I do know that the Drumagog that I know did quite a lot of false triggering. Inserting an EQ before Drumagog helped, but messed with the velocity of the hits. Therefore I started to use KTdrumtrigger. Basically it's the same but you have more settings like hysteresis, etc. That gave a significantly better result, but after that, Celemony came on the market with Melodyne. I'm a Melodyne user since V1.0 and it simply works the best for triggering midi notes, though still not perfect. Okay, that's the long answer and my experience.

    The short answer is: Yes, you can use Drumagog for midi triggering. However, if you don't need the libraries, I would take a look at KTdrumtrigger (it's free!), but if you don't mind spending some money, I would go for the basic Melodyne version. It's also the best pitch correction tool on the market. One thing to keep in mind is that Drumagog and KTdrumtrigger can trigger samples in realtime and Melodyne doesn't.

    Hope this helps!