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James Foxall

    Thanks Mark! In the spirit of the chat today on studio design I thought I'd throw up some photos.

    When my son was old enough to play an instrument, he wasn't interested in guitar (of course not, I had a bunch of them. lol) He wanted drums, so it was a good time to extend the studio about three feet. Here you can see the work in progress, and in the second shot you can see the double-wall construction. I thought I had figured out the best way to run power but unfortunately I do have a hum in the mic cables in the wall so I can't use those runs that go to the other side of the studio. Lessons learned.

    Making it bigger

    Double Wall

    After upgrading my monitors it became really apparent I needed to do more for bass in the room. Here you can see two corner traps, a trap to go behind a couch, and the cloud (the one with the holes).

    bass traps

    and here is a close up of a corner trap:

    corner trap