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Magnus Emilsson

    Hello Guido.

    I too suffer from a rather severe dip of 10db between about 600hz to about 3khz on my right ear. Making it even harder to manage is the fact that it is variable both in frequency and level. My hearing loss is due to a chronic inflammation (auto immune reaction) of the auditory vestibular nerve. So depending on things like stress, viruses and the general alertness of my immune system the hearing loss varies wildly. So any eq compensation is out of the question for me anyhow.

    I have found that moving my head about a bit and turning it from side to side allows me to balance things in spite of this problem. When using headphones I need to remember to check the other side from time to time by wearing them the wrong way around.
    I also cheat using the Pure Analyzer Essential when in doubt, it has a very useful frequency/balance/phase display, where you can see the relative energy for L/R through the freq. spectrum.