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Guido tum Suden

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the answer.
    I did know the things you wrote but I didn't think about them in this context, so thanks for reminding me.

    This makes things more complicated. 🙂
    I know, that it's best to get used to how the system sounds, but my problem here is the more than 10 dB difference at 4k.
    4k is a very important frequency.
    How would I be able to get two hard panned similar instruments to the same loudness?
    For highs above 10k I use an analyzer to not dial in too much. I can't do that at 4k.
    Another example: A duet with a male and female singer. Since one of them will be much more present at 4k, I will not be able to get them on the same level.
    Mixing in mono might help.

    Ideas, thoughts?