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David Michael

    Hi Robert and Keith,

    Thanks for your well considered replies. Sorry it's taken me so long to come back. Just been so busy and I had issues with ProTools and their last update. Did not sit well with my machine, so change of DAW etc. etc..

    Anyway, since Black Friday last I have Izotope's Music Production Suite and hence Ozone 9. So my plan was to use that to learn a bit of mastering rather than use Studio One. I normally have Sonarworks Systemwide running as it happens (although it was giving me a little bother after the last update). So I guess, I would be using Richard's trick.

    The mastering process fascinates me. Seems something of a dark art and some of my favourite Warren interviews have been with the likes of Michael Romanowski and Piper Payne. So some understanding of that process, even on an amateur level, I something I would like to have. But like you say, putting a mix out there ruined by inexperienced mastering is something to avoid.

    Thanks again for all the advice.