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Marc Becker

    Hey Scott.
    Here's a little description of what I did to add the images to my submission:

    1. Upload the photos to a public Facebook album ( or Instagram or any other public location, maybe on your personal webserver)
    2. Open the image in the web browser (I use Chrome)
    3. Click on the image with the right mouse button
    4. Select Copy image address or Copy Image URL from the menu that comes up
    5. Open the submission in the forum and klick on Edit
    6. Navigate the cursor to where you like to insert the image
    7. Click on IMG at the top menu band to insert
    8. Paste the link you've copied in the text field of the pop up window and klick OK
    9 . Fill in a image description to the text field im the pop up window and klick OK

    The hypertext to insert your image is now created and inserted at the cursor position.
    Repeat the process for every image you'd like to add.
    When you klick the Submit button, the hypertext you've added load the photos into the post.

    I hope this description will help you.