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Magnus Emilsson

    Hello Chris.

    Not an easy question to give a straight forward answer to. When I get asked for a timetable/quote to do a mix I usually calculate it like this

    Setup & initial edit time for each track, about 2 hr. (sorting, bussing, cutting away silence etc)
    Basic mix about 3 hr (pan, level, compression, etc)
    Automation 2-3 hr (also includes special FX, transition and small edits)
    Final polish and client approval version render 0,5 hr (a bit of quick limiting to get it to appropriate levels)

    Recalls & changes about 0,5 - 1,5hr per recall

    I usually spread this out over 3 days with setup & edit done on all tracks the first evening, then basic mix the next day on one of the songs, automation & final polish the day after that. Then I await approval on the first mix before continuing with the other tracks and do recalls etc and get the first one done. My reason for spreading it out over 3 days is to keep my ears fresh. I might be working on other mixes or other things the rest of my available time.
    If the tracks have the same instrumentation and basic setup you can save time on the first two steps on the next ones.

    Hope this help.


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