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Dave Le Sange

    Hey Kevin,

    I'm not a guitar player, I'm a bassist, but I record & mix a lot of electric guitars.

    To answer your question very simply - yes, I like wide overdriven guitars because they're exciting.

    Now for the caveats...

    Generally, I'd agree with you, guitar players are often not stoked if you fiddle with their tone in the mix - especially on solos. However, as a 3rd party mixer, I won't hesitate to remove unnecessary low end or scoop a little bit of midrange to make room for the vocal.

    Do whatever you need to do to avoid phase cancellation & mush.

    I like the widening trick Warren does (pan gtr one way & its reverb etc to the opposite side) if I've only got the one guitar track.

    If possible, at the time of tracking, I get the guitarist to lay down doubles with a different guitar amp configuration - even better if you can get a different player too!

    Your technique:
    "Kevin" Widening guitars as two recorded (read re-amped), nearly identical parts with a different amp, panned hard L - R. "Nearly identical" because I've copied the GT part of one chorus underneath another chorus and vice versa "/Kevin"

    So, this is a cool approach, & using the different choruses to keep the parts ever so slightly different is a great idea in the absence of discrete doubles.

    I'm guessing as you re-amped that you had the DI tracks too. If you re-amp the recorded amp sound, you may struggle to get a different enough tone (I have made this mistake a few times - always record the DI, Dave)

    If you are re-amping the DI, then go for the sound the song needs, leave the original tone alone as far as poss. Generally guitarists don't mind you adding bits as long as they can still hear their original tone.

    Hope I've been helpful, or at least easy to ignore.


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