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Scott Peets

    Hi Marc, I'm definitely not a tech but I spent 20 plus years behind an API filled with 2520's, 44 channels X 4 2520's in each module. At times, API was short on them and because it was a mobile truck we would burn them out from time to time and have to order new ones. I decided to try the 990's just as a backup. What I found was they ran hotter than the 2520's because they were meant for a 24 volt rail as the 2520 ran on a 16 volt rail. They were very clean. In fact, I believe Kooster McCallister had replaced all of his 2520's with 990's in the Record Plant truck in NY. We kept the 2520's because it was the sound of the API and the custom modules we had built sounded great.I did replace the stereo bus and monitor bus with millennia op amps. They were very clean and sturdy. Not sure if this helps but thought I'd thought I'd offer some insight.

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