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Magnus Johansson

    Some questions do arise reading about your problem. Is the problem mechanical? It do sound a bit strange with such problems between rack and floor toms. Are the toms mounted in a cage? I have experienced problems with mechanical bleed through kick to rack tom and cymbal to tom mounted on cymbal stand.
    What more you can try..
    Use samples, if you rather not to.. consider using samples of the current kit you are playing.
    Move mics closer to the heads, you might get a different sound bit you should get less bleed.
    Use dynamic mics. Had a client that brought his own really nice sounding condenser tom mics. In the kit though, only useable to trigger samples.
    Feed the gate/expander with triggermics.
    Try duplicating the tomtracks, filter them one for highs, initial stick, another for boom, body. Gate them seperately, short release for the high, long release for the low.