Hey @3rdstone. I appreciate the feedback. Yeah I really liked the way the drums sounded in the first mix overall as well but they were a little dry and thuddy for the rest of the track so I did some parallel compression to try and get some ambience on them and blended them in to try and make the whole mix gel a little more and not be so drum centric (even though I am a drummer :). I also boosted some 7.2k and 12k on the snare and pulled out some more 500 so it wasn't so thuddy. Also, I am not using any real limiting on this so it's a bit quieter than the first one (I pulled off the limiter). I know this is a mix competition but it seems like a lot of people basically are mastering their mix and making the song as loud as possible. Not sure if that's an advantage or not.

    I think you are off to a great start on your mix! It even sounded really good on my iPhone speakers! I also checked on headphones. Good dynamics going already and nice balances. Now maybe slightly exaggerate some of those dynamics between sections to create some excitement. Your snare sounds good but could possibly be a little louder in the choruses. The verb that's on it is pleasant but it might be pushing it back in the mix a bit too much compared to the rest of the kit. The BG vocals sometimes cover it up as well. All in all great work as usual! I'd hate to have to judge one of these mixing competitions!