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Dave Le Sange

    Hey Magnus,

    I'm sure you already know, but for the benifit of others on the thread, it's worth pointing out that the Orion & Goliath series don't have their own preamps/line ins, it's all Db25 connectivity.

    You'd need an additional 8 channels of pres or line ins as well as the interface.

    Antelope do make a 32 channel preamp unit with combi xlr/jack inputs.

    Ive heard good things about the MP32, but haven't used one myself. Idk if you wanna sell all your current units for it though.

    Personally I wouldn't want 32 identical channels - I like some sonic variety in the preamp palette. However, if you're a mic/preamp modeling software user, it might work out amazingly! The FPGA fx loaded into Antelopes interfaces are top-notch too.

    If you're a 500 series user, you might wanna look at the Cranborne 500R8 & see if that fits your workflow, the ADAT expansion options are real versatile & should easily integrate with your current gear, giving you the extra 8 channels you're after.

    Take it easy now.