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Dave Le Sange

    Hey Ralph,

    Punk drums with limited inputs in an untreated room? This is my jam - I do this a lot when I record remotely, so here's my general setup:

    1. Kik in
    2. Kik out
    3. Snare top
    4. Snare bottom
    5. OH left
    6. OH right
    7. Room (mono)
    8. Spot mic where needed for song (hihat, toms etc)

    If you don't need a Spot mic on hats or a Tom, you could go Stereo room mics.

    If the room is too small or too bad sounding for stereo spaced room mics, you could use inputs 7 & 8 for the "butt mic" technique & the "mic next door" technique.

    The butt mic goes under the drum stool, pointed at the kit, compress heavily & blend in with the rest. It's a pretty balanced sound.

    The mic next door is exactly what it so nds like - throw a mic up in the adjoining room, doesn't super matter where. You will get big beefy snare & kik sounds on this mic with little to none cymbals.

    Take it easy now