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Paul Motion

    Hi Raphael, another technique you could try would be a kick mic, (my go to is a D112 or possibly the RE20), move it in and out from the beater to get a sound you like as Guido suggested.
    A top and bottom snare mic, I’m an SM57 man for both but watch phasing. On the latest video from Warren, Colin mentioned a 414 in a figure 8 pattern which could be really interesting to capture top & bottom with one mic. Might be worth a try if you can.
    Stereo o’heads using the Glyn Johns technique. Make sure you check for phasing issues.
    I would also set up a stereo room for ambience. At least then you have options.
    If you’re recording punk I’d go for a more punchy sound so you may not need the room. In which case you could have tom mics. I used to use 421’s, 414’s or occasionally SM58’s on toms but that was some time ago now.

    Hope that helps.