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Steve A

    That's a great little piece of history right there, thanks for posting this, I love things that feature a song or session's 'deconstruction' if you will...
    I had read a book some time ago about that three mic technique using the gates and the room, brilliant stuff, even if it was because they had a track limit..
    But beyond that, and maybe more importantly, it's another thing that Tony did, was have the guts to record things with whatever effect/technique right from the get-go, and use it for the album.
    I'm currently reading Visconti's book "Bolan, Bowie, and the boy from Brooklyn" and that's one of the things he was so impressed with when he started working in the UK, is that they would do that all the time.
    He remembers saying to himself "They really do things better over here" when he first witnessed it.
    Thanks again, t..