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Guido tum Suden

    I hope you have time to try out things. Especially if you don't plan to use samples.
    1. Kick: I think 1 mic is enough, but take your time to find the rights spot for a good mix of bass and click.
    2. Snare: I think 1 mic is enough if you want a good low, punchy snare sound without much sizzle. See that you don't get too much hi hat bleed so you can crank up the highs.
    3. Wurst: With a lot of compression and even some reverb this can bring the kit to live even without room mics. Downside: Surgical editing, especially bad timing will be much more complicated in the DAW.
    4.-6. Toms: With mics it will be easier to change the sound or to add gated reverb or similar. If the toms should sound like real toms, the overheads might be enough. If you need a lot of low end in your floor tom you will need a mic there.
    7.+8. Overheads: Depending on the sound of the room you could use ORTF. If the room sounds really bad you will want to use the overhead mics as cymbal mics. One for hi hat and one crash the other for another crash and ride. If there are more cymbals you will need to get away from them, which means you will get more of the room sound.
    The best way to get the best sound in that room is to take your time and do a lot of tests with different mic positions. If you have a good drummer and you don't need to edit the recorded drums, everything will be much easier. If you're not satisfied with the drum recording as is, do more tests 🙂

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