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Raphaël Thebaud

    Hi Guido,

    Thanks for this first answer. I'll try tu answer your questions as best as I can.
    I didn't knew the "wurst" technique, it sounds pretty interesting on the video !
    It could bring something "dirty" (in the good way) that may fit with the style (punk rock)

    - Do you really need the tom mics? All three of them?
    All three of them, I don't know. It will depend on the songs. I have to prepare my session for each song...
    Do I need tom mics ? I'm not sure... It's a part of my question. I'm not very confident with the acoustics of the room.
    My first idea was, if I'm not sure of the sound of the room, I should close mic most of the elements, but I may be wrong ???

    - Do I need stereo drums ? What kind of snare sound ? will I use samples ?
    We are talking about punk rock music.
    I like natural organic sounds.
    Do I "need" stereo ? I do like stereo drums. 🙂
    Will I use samples ? I don't plan to.