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Jared Sherman

    Another cool thing about the collaboration is that you don't necessarily share the entire session (though you can), but more often than not they just need bits and pieces. Like, on the video, if you just want someone to play a bass part for you or whatever, you just freeze the busses of say drums, vocals, synths and guitars and then the bass player gets a notification about that, downloads them, they appear directly in the collaboration projects, and then he has plenty to use to make the bass track.

    Then when they are done you get a notification and that bass track is then brought straight into the session. Working this way makes me think that the storage sizes are actually more reasonable than originally thought, because using a lot of storage wouldn't be necessary at all with that workflow. That is unless the FULL owned session always must take up cloud storage regardless of what is shared - but I guess I may need to try it it to find out the answer to that.

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