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Mark Holden


    One of the tracks the lads done was a cover of a song called Losing All by Down. They just did the music and I've pulled together a quick 90 min mix. The purpose of these recordings was for the lads to have something other than a mobile phone recording to hear there parts and mistakes so no quantizing or editing has been done.

    OH's were measured from centre of snare as a spaced pair they should of been further apart but space did not allow this. Next time will try the XY set up. and hopefully add a kick mic. They were EQ'd on the way in with a 600 Hz HP filter. A tip from Glenn Fricker who picked it up from Andrew Scheps this helps with phase alignment.

    Wurst was the SM57 central level with snare about 12" from kick beater, snare centre,floor tom and rack ride just above, nothing on the way in. I EQ'd and compressed the wurst mic to isolate the kick and snare crack, doubled the track and panned 50/50 sent to a bus for further EQ and brought it up under the original wurst track blended with the OH's and all tracks to a drum bus for processing.

    Bass had a SM57 on it (the bass player moved the mic don't tell Glenn lol) so was set off axis but ended up pointing at wood. Saturation is from the amp track was doubled one track for low boost other for character.

    Gtr 1 E609 on axis for the lead, Gtr 2 E609 off axis for the rhythm just panned left and right 75% solo brought into the Centre.

    All songs were one take in a small room, the amps were so loud the vocal PA could not be heard (no vocals on this take) but the Vox were ran through a behringer so was able to take a feed straight to the interface (presonus quantum)

    Just a quick taste of a very quick first go looking forward to getting set up properly, or at least better next time. The Moses Schneider info was a great help.