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Magnus Emilsson

    Hello Pat.

    This annoyingly with not be an answer to your question. I don't have any experience with either interface, though I'm fairly sure both will sound just fine. My general experience with Apogee interfaces are great, they do produce excellent equipment. I have no experience with PreSonus interfaces, though today most interfaces are perfectly fine.

    My main point is this instead, I would highly recommend to get a monitor controller or similar to switch between monitors, this will decouple the interface from such duties and make switching easier and depending on controller you can add more speakers/sources as you go along. Gives you a central monitoring point and frees up outputs that you might want to use to run signals out to HW. The presonus only has a volume control knob for the "main" output (1,2) and the apogee one has none.
    Because in DAW's it's easy to switch outputs, but in many other pieces of software like system sound, 2 channel editors, etc. it is often not as straightforward and requires diving into sub menus and setting pages. This is my experience from before I got a monitor controller. If this will be a problem or not is up to you to decide.

    Had I been you I would wait to upgrade the interface since the one you have is perfectly fine and a simple USB-C -> USB hub will do fine as a connection. Save up some money and get a bigger interface at a later date. Something like the Apollo X8p or Symphony 8x8 for example, which provides much greater flexibility for recording monitoring and such stuff.

    Above is just my experience and nothing more.