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Magnus Emilsson

    Hello Arash.

    1. As long as that headroom works for your process that's fine. It might be overdoing it a bit though, at least to my mind, I usually aim for -2 to -3.
    I would at least add a limiter, set the output to -1 db and crank it 6 db (your headroom). You want your mix to sound close to as loud as everything else on their computer, or you will run the risk of the client thinking it's not "powerful" enough. If you can get the mix to -13 db LUFS you should be fine.

    2. Weird, check all your plugins and tracks, some plugins such as tape & delays have built in noise or hiss generators, make sure everything like that is disabled, and if you want the color from those maybe automate them. Also check that you don't have tracks with mic'ed silence running. What DAW are you using?
    But if the hiss isn't perceivable when the music starts. Crop the file before sending it, no one wants a finished mastered file with a second of silence at the start and end these days anyways.

    Hope it helps in some sense.