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Andrew (AKA Ajay)

    Thanks again, Tony.

    I'm really happy with Version 4, it's a well-balanced mix and I agree with you that the bass drum is a lot better now, awesome!

    John, could you please go ahead and download the file and begin mastering, please?

    The whole idea here was/is to share this project with everyone in the academy so hopefully, we can all learn from each other. You weren't "poking" your nose in, you did exactly what I was expecting from members, helping, sharing, contributing and most of all, learning!
    I'm really not sure where the problems you're hearing are coming from, the track sounds good through all my monitoring sources here in the studio. What's your listening environment like?
    As for the congas. I'm playing a pattern that starts on the 11" Quinto which is panned right-hand side then followed by the Conga 12" on the left, then a "slap" sound back on the Quinto. So I think it might be confusing because there are actually two drums involved playing an unconventional rhythm that has been split into two, left and right. I think the rhythm is good, it's based on 16th notes:

    ( Q=Quinto C=Conga S=Slap B=Bassdrum )

    1 + 2 a e+ 4 a
    Q C S Q QC S Q
    B B

    Thanks again for all your input guys, can't wait to hear it final master.

    Chat soon!

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