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John Elleson-Hartley

    Definitely the wide version gets my vote for the width of the congas Tony, plus definitely a smoother mix than the previous one. Nicely done 🙂

    Love the low end, and balance, of the kick but not really hearing any top end to it so would be lost on smaller speaker/earbuds. The shaker is lovely and lush. Agree with Steve that the tambo could come up - a dB or 2? The bass has disappeared a lot. Was much more prominent in V2 and liked that. The guitar appears to have dropped as well from V2 and that I prefer.

    @Steve Interesting about the phasing issues. Only thing I can think of, did you download the video rather than streaming from Dropbox? You'll definitely have issues if listening to the lower quality stream. Plus, that wasn't a master by any means 😉 Just a visual/audio representation of what I was explaining re frequencies.

    Cheers 🙂