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John Elleson-Hartley

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for your patience on my reply to this. Not used to the forum and believe I needed to be subscribed? I am now so will hopefully be notified.

    Lovely work and Mix Tony with a good overall balance. Those congas are fab Ajay plus work beautiful where they're place.

    Agree on the bass comment being a tad loud. Particularly prominent in the 150Hz region. Top sizzle of the tambourine is what's getting me, making it feel in front of the vocal. The vocal isn't that "airy" (which I like) so the tamb is in front. Think if the top end was sorted then the general level of it works for me.

    My main point would be just on some resonant frequencies on the vocal. Particularly notice at the start, with BVs, and the last note - the c.633Hz one. Have done some adjustments to help show what I'm saying for comparison - find it can be useful to see and hear. Hope it's useful!

    Download here:

    Of course, this is on the mix so other things are being adjusted when I'd want them on individual instruments.

    Cheers, J