Paul Motion

    Hey Shane, nice work man. I'm a bit jealous of your delays.. amazing. For the kit I'd like a bit more of the live sound as I feel it's lost some of that aggression, although that's personal taste. When I crank it the click on the kick is quite loud and I'm missing a little of the low lows on the kick. Maybe bring up 40 to 60 a touch. Guitars sound great.
    Bass feels a bit safe and maybe too softened? Possibly bring back some of that grit?
    Jon's vocal on "Fall right through you" at about 1.24 needs some automation.
    Stereo on the kit is awesome, especially when the toms come in. the rack on the right is a little flabby though, just needs a touch more attack for me.

    I think nothing too major to be honest and I'll say it again, love those delays. Tasteful and they work really well!

    Hope that helps.