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Andrew (AKA Ajay)

    Hi Tony, sounding great mate!

    I agree with the congas, they do sound a ton better now.
    I think the mix is extremely close, the only things that are bothering me are;

    1) The bass is still too dominant, only very slightly though?
    2) Once the bass is brought down a tad, the thump of the kick can be pushed up a little to meet it.
    3) The tambo at the very end (playing 16th's I think) is too loud, it should be buried in the mix or even taken out (don't tell the drummer LOL)

    I'd love to hear from John, I think the mastering engineers thoughts would be good at this stage, John?

    Also, I would suggest that we all post the final mix for Feedback Friday and all include the same info, so it doesn't get confusing for Eric haha. It also means we get an extra chance to be picked HAHA!!!

    Talk soon