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face (chris) Janton

    Haven't used the iLoud speakers. If you are looking for a smaller pair for a different sound you might want to try the JBL Series 1 104 monitors. Currently only $72 US for the pair. Built to sit on a desktop.

    I traded out my M-Audio AV40s for the JBL 1 (holiday present) and am thoroughly impressed. They sit on top of my JBL LSR 305s. Haven't turned on the 305s since I got them.

    My monitoring is good, for my ears. LSR305 near fields at the desk, Series 1 at the desk for different perspective, JBL Arena 180s in the living room. I may be causing myself some grief using similar drivers (5 and 7 + waveguide) and concentric 4+1 for the Series 1.

    There's enough low end on the Series 1 to actually do a mix and get a decent (for me) and similar mix.