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Mike Morrison

    Hi Douglas!

    Nice template that looks pro!

    I'm curious about the domain being rather than or

    News section at the top is nice if you're staying busy. Makes you seem timely and in demand. Definitely a good thing IMHO!

    The sub-head underneath "Our Services" reads, "We are doing some things you might be interested in". Wonder if it would be stronger if it said something like, "What can we do for you?" or maybe "From tracking to manufacturing, we're ready to help!" etc.?

    Just below that under "Recording" is "Private, personalized sessions where you are involved with producer." Should probably have 'a' or 'the' before 'producer' or you could change the back half to something like, "...sessions where you can work with a producer."

    I couldn't find any mention of the studio's location on the page. Had to go to your Twitter account to learn that you're in IL. Will that matter for your website audience?

    The Frank Herbert blockquote shows the closing quote after the attribution which isn't grammatically correct, but it looks like the template might be designed to behave that way. Not sure if you want to spend the time wrestling with that bit.

    Further down, under "Producing and Distributing" there's a bit where it says, "the enginners to capture that performance" which should probably be 'engineers'.

    Love the buttons for the audio samples! All / Mix / Mastering / etc. Fantastic way for visitors to narrow the clips to what they want to hear!

    Contact form seemed to work on this end. Hopefully it came through to you.

    Last but not least . . . since the Facebook and Twitter links at the top of the page don't follow the scroll downward, do you think there might be any value to including those links in the footer?

    I didn't get to test the calendar booking mechanic, but I hope the rest of this helps a bit.