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Arthur Labus

    It depends Tom.
    Drums samples as blend with live drums is more the matter of making them "bigger".
    In your case, complete drum replacement could be a option.

    At least when you do drum replacement - you better should use multilayer samples, so the hits are different depending on trigger.
    And, best option, also with round-robin so there are few samples for every velocity section.
    So its not sounding like machine gun (every hit the same)

    I personally replaced whole drum kit as it was really needed and did it with Reaper DAW, which is giving me an option to create MIDI notes trigerred by transients.
    With some adjustments i got MIDI tracks with original timing and velocity for toms.
    Hihat and cymbals had to be hand made due there is no way to use the tracks as triggers.
    Then i was able to improve the MIDI file (missing hits or similar stuff) and to play the file via Kontakt with drum library.

    Hope it helps !