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Guido tum Suden

    Hi Mark,

    you should look into Moses Schneider:
    He is the producer of some well known bands (at least well know here) and already famous for his workings on practice room recordings.
    He's written a book about it: "the alternative workbook or how to pimp your practice room" which has lots of great ideas.
    His main idea is that a band sounds more alive in their own practice room and that it is important to capture that feeling on a record.
    So he has made a lot of records with bands in their practice rooms, recording almost everything at once.

    One important part is how to position the instruments in the room. He does that in a way that you will get a sweet spot where the sound of all instruments cross. You position a stereo mic there and record. The band members then have to change their volume until the right balance is found in the sweet spot. The position also grants a good stereo image.