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Andrew (AKA Ajay)

    Hi Tony, very nice no far!

    After hearing that, I think I'll re-track the congas.

    A few notes:

    1) I'm not happy with the sound as a percussion group (i.e. all played together, congas, foot tambourine and bass drum) so I'll re-track all part separately.

    2) I'll also add more elements (shaker ?) to the repeat chorus's at the end, it gets a bit repetitive?

    3) The vocals are sounding good, for me they're a little too compressed sounding so let's work on that soon.

    4) The bass drum and bass guitar relationship is not quite there yet, there's too much 'click on the bass drum and I think the 60hz tone you've added is clashing with the bass guitar tonality.

    5) I'd like the Ozone Crash left more natural sounding and a tad louder in general.

    Having said that, it's starting to take shape, thank you.

    I'll endeavour to get the tracking done soon and transfer the files to Dropbox ASAP.

    Great work, talk soon.