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Tony Loignon


    Here's an initial first cut:

    - I did not use the H3000, or other FX from the original.
    - Added my own FX, some of which are the same as Warren's, but I used my settings.
    - Added whisper on vocals.
    - Re-aligned some of the tracks and had a few polarity flips in the mix.
    - For the kick, I added a side-chain gated tone generator at 60hz that is sitting just below to give it a little more punch.
    - Regarding your ozone wash, I assumed you wanted an ocean wave sound fx. I added RBass and LoAir on the track to get low end (and rumble) and a side-chain of delays and reverb to it along with EQ to get a slight realism improvement. It gives a freq sweep similar to that of a real wave now.
    - Played with your initial panning on the guitars to bring the rhythm guitar closer to the center (40% pan) and moved the other guitar at 30% with a delay effect on opposite side at 30% sitting below the mix.
    - Added a side-chain flanger effect on the congas. Gives them a nice little ring and makes them pop!

    Regarding mix dynamics:
    - I have an 1176 on 20 to catch only the occasional spikes
    - SSL bus comp and a Puigchild in series to tame some of the spikes and glue the mix
    - An L3LL-multiband limiter to keep it from peaking on export.
    - The track is exported at -12 LUFS for your hearing pleasure.
    - Overall mix dynamic range is 9db.

    If you can split the conga stem, it would be great. I'd like to lower the level of the tambourine by a couple of db and remove the kick in it. I tried removing it with X-Noise, but was unsuccessful. If you can't I'll have to chop up the track to manually remove it.

    Once this is to your liking, I'll post the final mix at -18 LUFS for John in .wav 48k/24.