Thanks and thanks for great feedback Paul! 🙂 Yes my intention with this mix was the mono feel but widening it with delays, so the guitar and the organ has delays panned opposite sides. Like a cascades of delays. I had a really hard time to get the vocal sound to fit in the mix. It has a lot of leakage. In the original mix it works really well. So after remixing it from scratch six times 😉 I ended up with this solution. I aslo ended up using the room mics a lot. So the drums are in there really wide but offcourse the overhead is almost mono, or the feeling of an (smaller room). I agree with you that this mix does not have the agression that the original mix has and it lack the unbelievable cool bass sound. I really liked that original bass sound but boy that had a lot of low end in it haha! The choppy sound I dont know, I cant hear anything of that when I listen to it straight from my DAW or from soundcloude. Anywas thanks for listening and taking time to comment!

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