Matthew Sweet

    Phew... I finally got at least something I feel is share worthy. This was a good challenge for me and I think there's a good bit of room to keep tweaking, but I wanted to get it posted.

    Mixed in Harrison Mixbus v5 following the rules. I should note though, the HPF from Harrison has a resonant peak at the turn frequency which gives a bit of a bottom boost. 11 of the 12 buses were used including the Andrew Scheps "rear bus" technique. I used VCAs for the first time to apply some automation to the electric guitar parts which I refer to as "jangly" and "chunky". The DI and bus tracks were used, albeit blended 6-10dB down from the corresponding track. I'll be taking a bit of an ear break and then I'll come back and listen to other posts.

    PLAP - Christina Holmes - Everybody Knows mixed by GMSweet

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