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face (chris) Janton

    The MXL R144 is very inexpensive, and very "colored". Many ribbons need "extra" gain, as well as mics like the SM7B. Active ribbon mics (VR2) don't need the extra gain.

    I have a Cloudlifter. I put it in front of the R144 and get easy levels to work with. I got the DM20 to use as my voice-over mic. Similar to the RE20, but a lot less money. Lots of flexibility on the rolloff settings. I *really* like it. Works great on voices. Works very nicely on fiddle (bluegrass), haven't put it in front of horns, but from the sounds I get when I use it I would be happy to use it on horns.

    Large diaphragm condensers on horns is tricky. They pick up *everything* and can be overdriven by brass - easily.

    An SM58 can sound good on horns - all depends on context. If you are doing separate, isolated tracks for an individual horn a condenser might work. If you are doing a section, or live room recordings the dynamics/ribbons might be better.

    What's the planned recording setup?