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John Rosario

    Hi Magnus.

    I believe I found my problem. In the Orion software I had S/PDIF SRC box checked. By checking the S/PDIF SRC box it would use the internal sample rate of the orion. I was using an external clock clocking at 96. But the internal clock of the orion set to 44.1. I going to reprint the mixbus again after work. I really dont think I would have figure it out if it was the spidf problem coming from my orion. Thanks again Magnus This is what the manual says.

    By clicking on this button the S/PDIF input is sample rate converted to match the sample rate
    of the Orion Studio internal clock (eg. If you want the clock to run at 192 kHz and your S/
    PDIF input is at 44.1 kHz, simply press this button to match the sample rate frequency of
    the Orion Studio internal clock).

    Thanks for the help Magnus

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